Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Beginning, A Possible Abrupt End

Here were are over 2/3 of the way through January 2012 and already the year is beginning to fly by. If the Mayan calendar can predict the end of time, then we are approximately 11 months and 1 day from the end of mankind.

I find that the world today is more concerned and determined about end of time prophecies than it is about doing the right things today. Either people live in the past or they live in the future, having little regard for living for today.

Recently, I saw a banner at a church that read, "Remembering Our Past & Looking Forward to the Future in 2012!" I find this an appropriate balance for those living in the now. Remembering your past is important. It is your heritage, your lineage. Those who have notable pasts can look back on the benefits they have derived today from this past. Those who have a less than desirable past can use this as a learning curve for today's successes.

Looking forward to you future is an important part of living for today. The idea of Vision and Vision Casting applies here. Without a vision, you will have little success in life, in business, and in your personal development. Walking in a vision helps defined, but does not dictate our future.

What have you learned from your past that will help you make the most of today? What vision of the future are you following that will help define your actions today? Are you living each day to the fullest so that tomorrow your past will not demand your attention?

I wonder how this Mayan "prophecy" will impact people. How will it impact our every day lifestyles? How will it impact businesses and corporations? Only the months will tell! I for one will conduct the business of my life in a manner that there are a thousand years to come, but that if the end comes tomorrow... I will have no regrets!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Defining Your Limits...

It seems that going beyond our known limits is the drive and determination for many people today. To run faster, achieve higher, and to reach further than the person before us is an obsession.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek franchise, discovered a unique talent of seeing into the future and developing the ideas behind much of the technology we use today. The Bluetooth, commonly used by Lt. Uhura, the communicator - a striking resemblance of yester-years now archaic flip phones, the medical scanners and today's developing medical technology, and of course the communication and message pads which are commonly like the iPad/Android Tabs, currently taking the markets by storm.

Yes, these items were just made up fantasy in the '60's but are now common place because someone was not defined by their limits, rather, they defined their own limits.

“Your limits are only defined by your willingness to explore them.”
What are you doing today that will define you, your family, and your business tomorrow? Are you exploring the possibilities and blazing new trails or are you content to be restrained by the predetermined limits given to you?

Remember, Corporate Triage is not just about implementing the time-tested methods, but changing your perspective, thinking outside the box and, like Gene Roddenberry, blazing new trails for the future. Using this plan, you can effectively save, heal, and build your business in difficult times.

Can We Afford The Change?

In the 2009-10 election cycle, we heard a lot about Change. The mantra promoted by the Democrat's candidate, now turned president, resounded with the idea that in Change came Hope.

Today, over 2 years later, we reflect on what Change has brought us as a nation, a individuals, and as business owners. Change has brought the continued bail-out (admittedly stated by the Bush Administration) of giants such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, JPMorgan-Chase, GM, etc. Wealth redistribution is the slogan being touted daily on the news, while the uncertainty of the healthcare law, commonly known as Obamacare, has the business world reeling to prepare for the changes necessary to comply. If your business is selected for pardon, so to speak, you can join the increasing number of unions, organizations, and friends of the president who will receive a pass from Obamacare.

Add to this domestic era of change a world erupting into chaos. The middle-east, over night, has become even more unstable than usual in the wave of rebellion and unrest. The sovereign state of Israel, the target of these nations for decades, has now been removed from the maps in Eygpt. Talk about preemptive change!

What does all this mean for you, your family, and your business?

- First, you must have a plan! I realize that this is a clique, but it is the truth. Are you ready to counter the uncertainty of change with effective change?

- Second, is your family or employees informed? Have you taken the time to establish your plan with them... Have you conveyed your vision in a way that they have bought into it or are you planning a one man show?

- Finally, understand that "Change for Change's sake is a recipe for disaster." This does not mean that change is not important or necessary. There must be a reason, plan, and goal for the change. Those involved in the change must buy-in to the change to ensure the successful implementation of the desired change. Simple to create change, without a real reason, will ultimately bring failure and could create a disastrous situation far worse than the one you hoped to change.

Business owners must remember to implement Corporate Triage when situations bring risk to their businesses, livelihood, and futures. The dictatorship of change will not allow you the freedom to implement and author the change you need. You can afford change if you are the author of the changes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Innovation vs. Imitation

With technology thrusting ahead everyday and the demand for the next best thing from consumers, many businesses have become caught up in the "wow" approach to business.

A recent example is the SmartPhone industry. For many years, Blackberry(RIM) held the market with very little real competition. Over the past 5-7 years, Apple's iPhone has dominated the market and has kept AT&T cellular in business.

Today, Google has become the new front runner and shows little signs of stopping their massive growth and dominance of the Smartphone market. The flexible Android OS has allowed many companies to successfully enter the smartphone market with many carriers. This has posed a serious threat to the loner iPhone and AT&T who seem to prefer solidarity rather than expansion (due to the limitation of only one cellular carrier and saturated market).

The newest addition to the smartphone marketplace has been Microsoft's Win7 phone. This phone was promoted as the ideal phone to socialize with the real world again because it streamlined the phone time with its "innovative" OS. Sadly for the Win7 phone, in less than 3 months, it has already been classified as a failure. In only a few short months, due to struggling sales, Win7 phones where discounted 50% for black Friday in a desperate attempt to boost sales. I personally have dubbed this phone as the Microsoft's final nail in their smartphone coffin.

There is a difference between real innovation and mere imitations. Businesses must consider what they are creating and offering their customers. Is your product and service innovative? Does it bring something new to the user that will improve their business, lives, or position, or does it simply recreate the wheel in a new package?

With the surge of the Android OS, the popularity of the iOS, and the legacy of the RIM-OS, it is a wonder that Microsoft is shocked at the failure of this recent smartphone attempt. The Win7 is a recreation of other Operating Systems.

Corporate Triage provides a clear direction for businesses and innovations. DO NOT reinvent others ideas. DO NOT attempt to become the "iPhone Killer" for your industry. Imitation is not Innovation. DO create new and needed products and services. DO improve upon other products and services without the braggart idea that you cannot be improved upon.

Develop your own proven methods and strategies. Think outside AND inside the box all the time expanding the lines of your box! You create the direction, develop the vision, and outline the processes that will make your products or services successful. Remember, desperation in triage is only successful when luck is involved. Tried and true methods will sustain through trials and success.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Security Breaches: How Will You Handle The Situation

Today the news media has promoted the hot topic of the day as the security breach and wikileaks.  We first learned about this "LEAK" a while back when a low-level private was able to breach security of the national databases due to his security clearance and leak classified information to the questionable site wikileaks, by using a Lady Gaga CD to copy the information.  This information was potentially detrimental to US troops and operations abroad.

Today's leaks appear to be less sensitive but have called out many nations and officials and made public information that would otherwise be heresay.  This leak has further defaced America in the international community and places America's security in question.

Businesses should learn a strong lession from these leak-events.  How's your companies sensitive information? Who has access to it and how are they using this information?  It seems to me that your company's information is far more important than to be left in the hands of a low-level employees listening to Lady Gags CDs.

Make it a point to ensure you know who has access and is accessing your information.  A little protetctive measures can mean the difference between a reputable company and a discreditied business in the marketplace. 

Today's triage note...  stop the bleeding of information.  Find the source and begin the process of healing it.  If there is no source or leak, then use prevention methods to ensure security and company health.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Small Steps and Giant Leaps

“Each baby step away from the government of our forefathers is giant leap away from the greatness that is America!” - Dr. Travis J Hedrick, 2009

That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." Who can forget those historic words spoken on the surface of the moon nearly a half century ago? Today, these words continue to ring true for our nation.

America was founded on the ideals and principles that allow business owners to work hard to gain success. They also have the ability to fail. Sadly, today our government as well as the current and former administrations have taken it upon themselves to "bail-out" the companies they deem worthy and have allowed countless others fold. This bail-out mentality has destroyed the foundations that were set forth by our forefathers. These baby steps away from the government of our forefathers has begun to be giant leaps away from the purpose of America.

Businesses should seek to stand on their own principles and convictions. Do not seek the government handout when times get difficult, rather, seek to implement your contingency plan. Right planning now will protect your business and investments in all economic climates. Rather than leaping into the arms of Uncle Sam, begin taking your own steps to a better future for your business.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Economy by the Numbers

FoxNews via the Associated Press reported Nov. 5th, 2010, that October was the 10th straight month of employment gains in the US and the highest gains in employment payrolls of 159,000 (151,000 after factoring government job losses). While this number is important, the other numbers tell another story.

Unemployment remains over 9%, approximately 14.8 million Americans are still unemployed, many more who have given up reporting for unemployment, and many more Americans struggling to pay bills. Companies today have a primed and ready workforce at their disposal if they are willing to open their doors.

The concept of triage is to treat the most severe, life-threatening injuries first and then methodically treat the less severe injuries from top to bottom. Many business owners I have spoken with say they need more workers, especially those who will remain long-term employees and effective partners in their mission. Unfortunately, the economic struggles have resulted in fear and uncertainty for many business owners. This has resulted in tightening the payroll and cutting off potential long-term employees. They literally let opportunity die rather than addressing opportunity as a chance to bring life to the company.

Companies who wish to survive the tough times must plan for the good times. Hypothetically speaking, if 1 millions companies opened only 1 new well-paying, long-term job, there would be 1 million new employees who could add back to the economy. These people are consumers, business partners, and end-users. Compound this by 1 million companies offering 15 new jobs. The jobless rate would be near not existent, and the economy would be infused.

As our economy limps along, it is the challenge for all businesses to find ways to add even one long-term employment opportunity. Each opportunity helps the very economy that we all wade through. Sow into your business' future and into the economy in which you conduct business. A small investment (sacrifice) now, often reaps many-fold rewards (blessing) in the future.
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